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Why Choose an Independent Escrow Service?

Whether you are a Buyer, a Seller or an Agent, you DO have a choice as to who represents your interests.

Ideally an escrow service is a neutral 3rd party that receives funds and holds them in security during the escrow process. The Independent escrow company fairly and impartially represents the interests of all parties until funds are disbursed at the close of escrow.

Other kinds of escrow companies may offer the same services, but they are not held to the same level of integrity and accountability.

As an Independent escrow company, Tradewinds Escrow is required to meet all the standards listed below:

  • Escrow License
  • Trust Funds Insured
  • Bonding
  • Dept. of Justice background investigation of all employees
  • Financial Liquidity
  • Regulatory Audits every 12-24 months
  • Annual CPA audit
  • Escrow Manager minimum 5 years as an Escrow Officer
  • State Regulated by the Dept. of Corporations

Other escrow services (Banks, S&Ls, Real Estate Brokers) are not held to the same standards as an Independent escrow company.

Tradewinds Escrow goes the extra mile for good reasons.

Now who do YOU want to handle one of the biggest financial transactions in your life?